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The Plastics Group of America has purchased and is restoring the historic Jules Desurmont Worsted Mill complex located at 84 Fairmont Street in Woonsocket, RI.

The complex was built between 1907 and 1925 and is on the national register. Listing on the national register provides special consideration during the planning of federally-assisted projects and makes the property eligible for state preservation grants for historic rehabilitation products.

The mill’s notable architectural elements include pier-and-spandrel walls with consistent full-width segmental arch or rectangular window openings, brick corbelling near cornices, and protruding sills.

Once fully restored, the mill complex will provide an additional 240,000 square feet of storage and production space to TPG’s operations.

Click here to view a brief video detailing the history of the complex.

Building the new vertical lift at 84 Fairmount

Tour of Completed vertical lift at 84 Fairmount

The Plastics Group of America Completes Its Solar Panel Installation at Its 84 Fairmount Production Facility

The Plastics Group of America recently completed the installation of a solar array from Solect Energy at its Fairmount production and storage facility. The installation of the solar panels will provide TPG’s Fairmount location with the majority of its power from April-October. Taking full advantage of Solect’s “Smart” approach to the project, TPG will be able to save almost 85% of the project’s cost through the tax incentives it will earn. According to the solar experts at Solect, payback for the project should be less than 4 years and the installation will enable the company to reduce its kilowatt/hour cost from 17 cents down to 3 cents.

TPG's President, Bob Lebeaux, noted that "partial funding for the project came from the Commerce Rhode Island Grant Program. Simply stated, this is an exceptional project that will save the company money while allowing us to be environmentally conscientious - a great combination."

solar panels
solar panels

If you'd be interested in renting space at 84 Fairmount once restoration have been completed, please contact Bob Lebeaux at 401-615-3700.
84 Fairmount is owned and operated by The Plastics Group of America, 1112 River Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895.

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